Mopedo is a rapidly Evaluating Taxi,Delivery and logistics service that embraces advanced AI technology. Our Mission is to provide convenient end-to-end pickup and drop services, along with efficient goods delivery for everyday individuals.

To use Mopedo, download the Mopedo app on your smartphone, create an account, and enter your pickup and drop-off locations. The app will then connect you with a nearby driver, and you can request a ride.

To Download Mopedo go to playstore or Apple Store or App store And search for Mopedo app and download it.

Mopedo offers a variety of ride options, including MopedoX (standard rides), MopedoXL (larger vehicles), MopedoSELECT (premium vehicles), Mopedo BLACK (executive cars), Mopedo POOL (shared rides), and more, depending on your location.

Mopedo offers multiple payment options, including credit or debit cards, Razorpay, UPI, Wallets like pay-tm, phonepe etc and in some locations, cash. Your payment method is linked to your Mopedo account, and the fare is automatically charged after your ride is completed.

Mopedo fares are calculated based on factors like distance, time, and ride type. You can see the estimated fare before confirming your ride.

Yes, you can schedule an Mopedo ride in advance using the app. This feature allows you to plan your ride for a specific date and time.

Yes, you can cancel an Mopedo ride, but there may be cancellation fees depending on how long you've waited and Mopedo policies.

If you cancel the ride after this initial window period of ______ has passed, you may be charged a cancellation fee. The amount of the fee can vary by location and ride type.

If you've left something in an Mopedo, you can contact your driver through the app to arrange its return.

Yes, Mopedo conducts background checks like driving license, RC, Pollution certificate, Insurance on all drivers before on-boarding them to ensure passenger safety we rely solely on Feedback and ratings. “Passenger Safety is our priority.

After each ride, you can rate your driver and provide feedback through the app. Your feedback helps Mopedo maintain a high level of service.

Mopedo places a strong emphasis on safety and provides features like in-app emergency buttons and ride tracking. Mopedo has safety features like driver background checks, driver and vehicle identification, GPS tracking, and 24/7 customer support. You can also share your ride details with friends or family for added safety.

Mopedo does not offer the option to request a specific driver. However, you can rate your driver and provide comments to share your experience.

Yes, you can tip your driver through the app after the ride is completed. Mopedo also provides an option to add a tip when rating your driver. However, we do not encourage any cash tips

To use Mopedo, you typically need to be 18 years old or older. In some regions, there may be additional age requirements.
God forbidden children without any gaurdian, unconscious/sub-concious persons without any guardian

You can contact Mopedo's customer support through app, by visiting the website www.mopedoelectric.in, or by email custormercare@modepedoelectric.com