Return Policy

1. Cancellation Policy:
● Passengers can cancel their ride less than 2 min before the driver arrives and before 24 hours for long drive trips.
● Passengers may be charged a cancellation fee if the ride is cancelled after 2 min accepted by the Driver.
● Drivers must accept the ride within 5 min; otherwise, the passenger may cancel without a fee.

2. Refund Policy:
● If a passenger is charged incorrectly or experiences issues with payment, they should report it to customer support within 24 hours.
● Refunds for overcharged or disputed rides will be issued on a case-by-case basis, following investigation within 2-3 days (Working days only).

3. Ride Quality and Safety Policy:
● Drivers will also be penalized for rude behavior, distracted driving, ignoring traffic signals and signs and passenger’s feedback will be taken seriously.
● Passengers can request a refund or partial refund if they have a negative experience due to the driver's rude behavior.

4. Driver Cancellation Policy:
● If a driver cancels a confirmed ride without a valid reason (e.g., driver refusal or unavailability), the passenger will not be charged for the cancellation.
● Drivers may be penalized for 2-3 cancellations in day without valid reasons.

5. No-Show Policy:
● Passengers who book a ride and do not show up at the pickup location will be charged a no-show fee.
● The driver should wait for a reasonable time (e.g., 5 minutes) before considering a passenger as a no-show.

6. Promotions and Discounts:
● Any promotions or discounts offered by the taxi app are subject to specific terms and conditions, and they may be limited to certain users or rides.

7. Lost Items Policy:
● The app will assist in facilitating the return of lost items, but it is not responsible for items left in vehicles.
● Passengers who leave items in the vehicle should contact the driver or the app's customer support.

8. Force Majeure:
● The app may not be held responsible for cancellations or delays due to unforeseen circumstances such as traffic accidents, natural disasters, or other events beyond its control.

9. Contact Customer Support:
● Passengers and drivers are encouraged to contact the app's customer support for any issues, disputes, or inquiries regarding returns, refunds, or other matters.

10. Modification of Policies:
● The taxi app reserves the right to modify its return and refund policies as needed. Users will be informed of any changes on a timely basis.

It's crucial to create clear, transparent, and fair policies that protect both passengers and drivers while ensuring the smooth operation of your taxi app. Additionally, make sure to comply with local laws and regulations, and consider consulting with legal professionals when drafting and implementing these policies.