● Mopedo goal is to modernize taxi services, logistics and delivery bringing comfort and convenience to everyday life.

● We provide 24/7 accessible and affordable services across India, with a goal of expanding nationwide to create employment opportunities for people.

● By integrating advanced Artificial Intelligence technology, we ensureenhanced service quality and security.

● Join usto experience a new level of convenience and efficiency in transportation and logistics.

Experience hassle-free and reliable travel with our superior Taxi, Delivery and Logistics services. We have you covered if you are exploring the city. Our modern, well-maintained vehicles, together with our knowledgeable drivers, guarantee a safe and enjoyable travel every time.

Mopedo Bike:

  • Convinient & effective way to navigate
  • Quick and cost effective mode of transport
  • Locate nearby bike using app's map view

Mopedo Car:

  • Comfortable and effective ways to travel in cities
  • Offering range of vehicles from compact car to prime sedan
  • Commitment to safety & customer satisfaction

Mopedo Auto:

  • Compact vehicles, navigate through congested streets with ease
  • Local expertise, suggestions for quickest paths and destinations